19th January 2018

Reflecting on Unit 1 Assessment


Main concern – very big gaps/weaknesses from Unit 1, how can I resolve these (quickly) so that Unit 2 is more successful, and how can this be supported (beyond written Assessment feedback)?


Actual aims of project not defined in proposal; why am I trying to make uncanny objects? What (and what kind of experience) am I trying to draw out by creating these objects?


Is it to show that these particularly objects (expressed in ceramics) can be used to create or express narratives?  If so, who’s narrative, and why?


Also, defining attributes to what makes an object uncanny need to be outlined in order to measure and justify my choices.


Maiko to assist or explain further: “reflection on a regular basis”, as I feel I have been highly reflective, rigorous and ‘overdone’ the writing. To advise on how to “utilise my thoughts, rather than let them just run on paper”.


“Manner of which the submitted materials were presented…” very little support regarding this. This needed to be more explicitly supported, via demonstrations, suggestions, exemplars, etc.  This is very contentious. Comment regarding categorisation in sketchbooks is agreed however.


Certain choices (Kitsch colour, choice of objects) need to be addressed through rigorous contextual research and analysis, and experiments in turn.  Once these are done there is greater justification for my choices.


Author: cafedelmartin

I am a London-based ceramic artist, maker and educator. My work explores haptics, fun, surprise, and challenging tactile experiences typically associated with the medium of clay. Currently, I am also completing a Masters Degree at University of the Arts, London (MA Designer Maker, UAL Camberwell).

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