13th March 2018

WIP Show Artist Statement


Martin Williams

Instagram: @cafedelmartin





Ugly, uncomfortable, unfashionable, imperfect, out of place… it doesn’t matter – everyone is welcome.   Although we are surrounded by talk of inclusivity and equality in our culture, why are these ideals of legitimacy often ignored when it comes to our things?  There is a tendency to look a gift horse in the mouth; to hide the chipped mug; to separate our things into tribes of what belongs together and what doesn’t. ‘Sandbox’ intends to discuss this through sentimentality, empathy and zoomorphic objects, in a world where everyone is legitimate, none are turned away or separated.  They all belong, they are all welcome.

7th September 2016

7th September 2016


Welcome to my blog – the page is designed primarily as a diary for my on-going MA project over the next 2 years.  There will be lots of personal insights and ramblings, pictures and possibly videos of my practical work.  If anything is of interest then please feel free to get in touch, interact or whatever you feel like

A little about me, I am 33 and live in London, UK.  I am currently studying my MA in Visual Arts (Designer Maker) at UAL Camberwell, alongside teaching Fine Art, 3D Design and Architecture at a sixth form college, also in London.  My background is not that of a formally trained artist; I am a bit of a dabbler, in that I have tried and briefly flirted with a rage of creative disciplines, but something always pulls me back to 3D making.

The kind of work I love tends to be very playful and honest (and sometimes primitive), rather than finely crafted, serious, high-end works.  I will share the works of others quite readily, and love finding out about new artists and makers who hide away in their studios creating amazing and strange things.

If you’d like to see more of my previous work (I’m concentrating on current developments on this blog) then please do check me out on Instagram @cafedelmartin