28th November 2016

They’re finished! Not quite 100 as planned (didn’t want to rush and scrimp on quality), but each of these will be for sale this weekend. I need to get feedback and observe people interacting with them to help me understand my next steps.

The forms are designed to be selected and arranged to form some kind of ‘irrational language’, as justified by the holder. I am very interested in the reasons why certain forms will be selected and arranged.

23rd November 2016

After speaking to one of my colleagues about my mini-tactiforms, two of the textures I had applied – the dimples and holes – reminded them of the Suriname Toad.  She showed me a video and we both recoiled in horror and disgust!

I’m not sure why I didn’t realise this before when making the textures, but it has now completely changed my perception of what I have created, from something of intrigue, to something of anxiety.  Upon further research, the recoil I experienced is linked to a condition called ‘trypophobia’, which is the fear of densely-holed surfaces.  The rationality of the fear relates to the human condition to fear danger lurking in unknown, dark spaces, such as insects that may sting.  I was really surprised at how intense my feeling of disgust and recoil was, especially when I don’t consider myself to be afraid of insects, or pathological natural dangers.Suriname Toad

21st November 2016

So the first 25 mini-tactiforms have emerged from bisque firing; all looking good. The next batch is in tonight. Need to work out exactly what I’m doing for glaze…

…alongside the small tactiforms (which I tested out with some of my students today: their feedback to follow) I plan on making/selling 2-4 larger tactiforms (in bell-jars), about 20cm tall. A bit more formal sculpture than design, I guess, but then again it’s part of my output as an artist…

18th November 2016

…in 2 weeks time I will be selling my work at an Art & Crafts fair, at Richmond Adult Community College (Saturday 3rd December). This will be my first ever proper market, and first time I will ever sell direct to the customer!

I have been busily working on a series of small tactiforms (100 is the target)… 50 made so far; here’s how they look!